Friday Show Highlights Reel

During the lockdowns a virtual Friday participation show was hosted to create a much needed space for belonging and sense of community. We called it the Friday Show. These were well attended. It was light hearted, fun and family friendly; an opportunity open to all staff, all individuals accessing care and all those who happen to be in the household at the time.

The more confident children hosted games, wellbeing activities, quizzes and much more for everyone who joined the call on ZOOM. We had a weekly video segment from our Fair Ways allotment hosted by a member of staff and young person to encourage some outdoor activities. We also ran consultation polls to hear views on a community room design in one of our buildings. We always offer the stage to our participants and so far we have enjoyed people singing, telling jokes, sharing art work, riddles and teaching origami. This is a unique platform which is free from hierarchy as directors and children in care have equal opportunity to listen and engage.

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